Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day Five photos

Day Five

After breakfast today, we left the farm and travelled to Fremantle. There, we visited the famous weekend market and did some last minute shopping. Then, we had a fish and chips lunch by the bay. It was delicious!
It has been a most wonderful trip for all of us. We have seen and done things we couldn't have back in Singapore. Goodbye Perth! See you again! NICHE, BABY!!!

Day Four photos part 2

Day Four - With a moo-moo here, and a moo-moo there...

Today we travelled more than 2 hours to Ferguson's Farmstay.
It was a huge farm with beautiful surroundings! We were welcomed warmly by Farmer John and his wife, Rose, who run the farm entirely by themselves!
We sat down for a sumptuous lunch and then proceeded to our chalets. The accommodations were cozy and we had fun picking out the beds we wanted to sleep in.
Then it was time for activities. There was a lot to do in the farm. We could go on a pony ride, visit and feed animals like rabbits, chickens, sheep and cows (there was even an emu!) play basketball, tennis and even jump on a trampoline! Everyone had loads of fun running around, doing the various activities.
Farmer John took us on a tractor ride and we saw how big the farm actually was. There was even a vineyard where the farmer planted grapes to make wine. We went down to the lake and laid traps to catch yabbies (a type of crayfish).
For dinner, we had a splendid barbecued meal and we also watched a sheep being sheared. Then, Farmer John took us on a 'night walk' back to the lake to see if we had caught any yabbies. We caught only 2. Before the night ended, we sat around a campfire and Farmer John told us stories and taught us how to tell time by just looking at the stars. We also sang the school and NDP songs! It was a great day!