Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day Two

Hi all!
We are just back from dinner and what a wild and crazy day we've had today!
Wild because we came into contact with a lot of wildlife today. The first item on the itinerary was a visit to Herdsman Lake.
There, we met a 'wild' instructor. His name was Mr Harris and he was hilarious when he spoke to us about wildlife in and around Herdsman Lake. He also explained to us the problems faced by in the area. Then we had a hands-on experience examining small animals found in the lake. We scooped up nymphs, water boatmen, unidentified creepy crawlies and even leeches! We also went on a 'swamp walk' where we learnt more about the eco-system of a swamp. We also had close encounters with a bobtail lizard, long-neck tortoise and even a tiger snake! It was all very exhilarating!
We then travelled to the Caversham Wildlife Park for lunch. There, we encountered our second 'Wild' factor. We were swarmed by flies during lunch! Half the time while we were eating, we were also swatting flies! We had no idea where they were from, but they were everywhere!
After lunch, we entered the park. There, we got to see many animals native to Australia. We even stroked a huge wombat and koalas. We also fed kangaroos! It was really great coming so close to those animals- something we couldn't have done back at home. Fantastic!
After the wild encounters at the park, we visited a nearby chocolate factory. Everyone went CRAZY at the sight of the chocolates. Best of all, there were FREE SAMPLES! Besides feasting on the chocolates, Miss Cheng kindly bought us all ice-creams! It was yum, yum, yum all the way!
Next, we went to a souvenir wholesale shop. Everyone went even CRAZIER there! The cash register rang non-stop and many dollars have been spent there!
During dinner, our group broke up into two. The muslim children had a Turkish dinner while the others went to a Chinese restaurant. Then after dinner, some more children begged to visit yet another souvenir shop! They just cannot get enough souvenirs! I can proudly say we have done our bit to contribute to the local economy, so you guys in Singapore can expect many presents!
We also met our former Chinese Language teacher, Mrs Josephine Heng, after dinner. It was really good to see her and her family doing well here in Perth.
So that was our day two in Perth. How was your day in Singapore? I hope it was good. Photos to follow. :)

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